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Thomas G. Broxholm
Professor of Automotive Driveline Technology

TGB Computing was started in 1996 when it was obvious that my automotive mechanical, electrical & electronic background prepared me for the age of computers. My business is a two fold business where the computing portion is for consulting, repairs and upgrades. I create my own digital video and flash animation to enhance the students learning experience.

At Skyline College, I am a full time Professor of Automotive Technology. Toyota Certified Training Instructor, A.S.E. Certified Master Technician and Advanced Engine Performance Technician. I hold a life time Designated Subjects Credential in Automotive Technology and have over nineteen years of field experience as a Journeyman Automotive Technician. I'm currently teaching Electrical II (Advanced Automotive Body Electrical Systems & Diagnosis) & Automotive Drivelines (Manual & Automatic Transmissions/Transaxles, Differentials & Drive/Axle shafts)

I have taugh PC basics & PC Hardware classes for San Francisco State University, Multimedia Studies Program since 1995. I have been using and fixing PC's since 1990. My strong points are problem solving hardware and Windows operating system problems. I know and use several different software applications.

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