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"My sister and I have to use my Mom's old computer but the CD drive stopped working. Mom called a couple of computer places but they said they couldn't fix it because it was too old. Mom and Dad said they couldn't afford to buy me a new computer. Dad heard about Tom and called him. Tom said he could fix my computer. Dad took it to him.

My Dad also asked about how we could get the internet for all the computers in our house - my Dads MAC, my Mom's PC and my old PC. We could only have one of us on the internet at a time. That was a pain because I use the internet to do homework but I always have to wait until my parents are off before I can get on. Tom told my Dad how the computers could be set up so that we can all be on the internet at the same time and only pay for one internet connection. My Dad likes to do stuff around the house so Tom told Dad what he needed to buy and how to set it up. Now we can all get on the internet at the same time and my computer works again.

Thanks, Tom."

Kristy (age 13)


Thank you so much for fixing my computer. I wanted to write to you and let you're customers know what my experience has been: (feel free to print this)

My computer has been a lemon since the day I got it. Everything has gone wrong with it. The latest was that the CD drive stopped working AGAIN but I didn't want to take it to the original shop (I was sick of going back there). So I took the computer into CompUSA to have them replace the CD drive - they did, but ended up reformatting my hard drive as well. I was not happy with the loss of information and couldn't understand why they did that. My computer still didn't work properly and CompUSA said it was my fault. As a website designer, I disagreed with that since I couldn't even get it to boot up once I brought it back from CompUSA.

I started looking around for someone else to fix my computer. I took it into Tom to have him look at it. He was able to fix it and it has been great ever since.

I really wish I had found Tom sooner. I believe his automotive background makes a big difference in fixing computer problems. He was able to identify problems as soon as he opened up the box - like the fan in my computer was too small to efficiently cool things down which caused it to overheat and mess up the programs I was running. Also the power supply was insufficient to run what I had in there. None of the other computer repair places I had been to had ever identified either of these problems.

Tom is honest, efficient and educational. He took the time to explain to me what needed to be done to fix my computer and then he took care of it. He turned my "lemon" into "lemonade!" Thank you so much!

L. McAfee - website designer.

Since 1996, Tom has guided us through his installation and upgrades on several outdated computers. One of the many advantages of Tom’s services is that he takes the time to understand how we use our computers before recommending upgrades. He doesn’t try to sell more than we can use. He also follows up to make sure that we have subsequent upgrades that will work for us. The end results are highly customized computers that suit our needs perfectly. We place a high value on Tom’s diagnostic and installation services, professionalism and patience.

Cathy E., attorney


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